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I follow a whole plant based diet. It is just one of my strategies for living a "deep blue life." (video) It is not always easy to obtain the type of foods I want or need for re-fueling on the go. Whether I am out for a training session or flying to events around the world I always keep food in my lunch box. Knowing I can grab a REDD Bar - Superfood Energy Bar anytime is fantastic.  

So much mahalo to REDD Bar for this interview. You guys know the right questions to ask

Very few of us get to live a life that is truly in harmony with the natural world. Imagine conquering a sport that requires working in tandem with the wild and unpredictable ocean, while honoring your family, inspiring your community, and, oh yeah, writing a freakin’ book. We know someone who does all that, and we’re in total awe of him: Zane Kekoa Schweitzer.

Besides being a 2x Ultimate Waterman champion, ECO Ambassador, and Instagram star, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer is a world traveler whose experiences living an unconventional, uncompromised life make him a perfect addition to the Redd family. Zane shows every day that hard work and unbridled passion can produce incredible results, both personally and for the planet. We were lucky enough to catch up with him this month and are thrilled to share his wisdom – it’s too good to keep to ourselves.


Zane Kekoa Schweitzer: A routine is important for me to stay focused and sane really… With all the traveling I do, about 7-9 months out of the year on average over the last 8 years, my most consistent daily routine I practice is journaling.

“I owe it to my journaling for a lot of my success, discipline and personal growth and confidence.” I have been journaling for over 10 years jotting down my experiences with the world and its people and it helps me to be reminded to about the importance of being present, being grateful and staying on track to success in terms of keeping your goals and set in your heart and mind.. It’s almost like my form of meditation.. Journaling is the most consistently practiced routine I’ve kept in my life..

I wake up in the morning between 4am-8am, go straight to my journal and a big glass of water, then do my meridian stretches, and warm up exercises for muscle activation. I eat whole food plant based so I like to start my day with a smoothie or oatmeal before heading out to the beach or before starting my day of adventures and exercises.


ZKS: I always stay active and have fun with sports and adventures! This is such an easy way to stay healthy.. I keep a strict diet that is mostly vegan/whole food plant based and am consistently doing all I can do grow mentally and physically..The ocean is so healing, even outside of getting a heavy cardio or anaerobic exercise with ocean sport.


ZKS: There are so many thrilling moments I’ve had on the water! It’s so hard to choose just one story.. But a great one that comes to mind is from an adventure which my friend Bennan Rose and I took on.. We decided to paddle from Maui to Moloka’i on our 17’ Stand Up Paddle boards 20 miles downwind loaded with surfboards, camping gear and fishing equipment. This wasn’t actually the thrilling or crazy part of the story believe it or not, we do this stuff all the time!  

We had an awesome weekend surfing, fishing and hunting with our friends, Ekolu Kalama and Chad Lima from Moloka’i, but things got crazy when Brennan and I got the crazy idea to paddle back to Maui 20 miles upwind and upswell with not only all our surfing and camping gear but also our fishing equipment plus some fish and deer loaded to share with our family back home on Maui. We woke up early the next day before the sun and wind came up and we started padding to Maui.. About an hour into the paddle the sun was finally up and with it the wind..

“We considered turning around but as we look behind us we saw nothing but thick clouds with thunder and lightning rolling down the mountains of east facing Moloka’i..” We thought we had to continue.. If we would have known that this was not nearly the point of no return, we may have turned around.. Another hour passes and we are barely inching our way up the 2-5 foot swells of the Pailolo channel while getting blasted by 20-30 knots of wind which makes your body feel like a sail resisting you from moving forward…

If we were to miss a stroke we would lose the ground covered equal to 4 strokes.. The deer and fish started to thaw and it wasn’t very frozen anymore leaving blood tracking from my bag off the board and into the Tiger shark grounds of the most rough channel in Hawai’i..  The way to Moloka’i took about 2.5 hours, the way back took nearly 7 hours.. We were lucky to have made it back safe..! I actually featured this story in depth in my new book, “Beneath The Surface”, check it out on and read the full length story in Chapter 8- “Responsibility, Pride and Humility”.


ZKS: The ocean continues to provide health and happiness for me- my greatest memories are in the ocean or immersed in nature. It’s simple really, I am grateful for our planet and environment and want to do my best to be as connected and apart of it as I can. It makes me a better athlete doing so and as well helps me to feel grounded which reminds me consistently of the work that needs to be done..

“Whether I am in Paris witnessing someone litter without a second thought, contributing to the problem, or whether I am submersed in the ocean watching the fish swim and hearing the reef and sand crackle- I am reminded of love and grief, the yin and the yang of people and nature everywhere I am and how the balance is off.. This motivates me to continue my appreciate for nature and the pride to protect it.”

My biggest concern is not being able to share the ocean, reef, fish and nature as I know it with my children one day..Knowing that the future generations may very well not have the opportunity to experience nature as I did makes me feel grief.. In my lifetime alone I am seeing the coral reefs change, from places I’ve traveled as a young child to this day and even right in my backyard at home in Maui- The reefs are fading away and its life light dimming, including its inhabitants along with it…. This is my biggest concern, losing parts of nature forever because of choices we make for convenience- losing parts of our environment and even ecosystems along with the loss of entire species..

What I can do to fight these problems starts with living a life grateful for nature and present amongst it- being a surfer and waterman my whole life has helped me to create a bond with the ocean and nature- then finding a way to share that feeling of appreciation and consciousness with others, shedding light upon the issues to enlighten the people I come across and inspire them to find the courage within themselves to make a change, to follow their dreams and accomplish them- not just for the benefit of themselves, but for the benefit of their loved ones and environment around them.. We all have goals and dreams, and we all have the choice to choose what dreams to pursue, what is the right choice, what is the rightful path to pursue? The path and the goals in which benefit not only yourself, but those in which uplift the people and environment around you.


ZKS: My lifestyle may be a little hectic for most people.. Never being in the same time zone or country for more than a week, living out of a suitcase, constantly translating the stress of training and pressure of being a target into motivation towards the relentless pursuit of my dreams including continuing to hold the world title as The Ultimate Waterman and the ISA World Champion.

With a jam packed training schedule and travel calendar it’s hard to keep up with my eating, nutrition and basic health needs. Whenever I can prepare my own food and pack a lunchbox to keep up with my InZane lifestyle and in my lunchbox I always have a few Whole Food Plant Based Redd Bars!!! Whether it’s slamming in my muscle nutrition after a training session because I have to run straight to my next task on my list of things to do for the day, or whether I prefer to skip airplane food for a healthy meal replacement bar like Redd- I’m never uncompromised!


ZKS: Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams and live life to the fullest! Learn from your past, live in the present and manifest your future!

Dive deeper into Zane’s past adventures in his self-published book, or follow him on Instagram to keep up with his wild journey!

2018 Book Launch #1: BOOT Dusseldorf, Germany

There could hardly be a more exciting place to kick-off my 2018 book launch tour for Beneath the Surface (available on Amazon and this website) than the BOOT in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The BOOT is the biggest boat show in the world. For me, the City Wave brought in for the show and the Wave Masters event was a highlight.

It was great to return after BOOT 2017 and see many familiar faces. I arrived for the Wave Masters competition hungry to improve on my 2nd place finish from last year. I made sure to get more training sessions in the wave pool which gave me much more confidence. Another great help were the tips I got from the short board surfers in an earlier event. They shared information about fin placement and other options. The event was so much fun - and scoring a win was very satisfying.

Being an athlete and competing was just part of the fun. I was able to host a kids clinic and do a hydro foil demo in the huge indoor pool with a cable park. The final icing on the cake was kicking off my Europe book launch. There was a live feed broadcast throughout the dozens of hall with an image of my book. Being interviewed by the main host of the event allowed me to share my thoughts with the more than 2000 people in the hall with me.

I have to say that the ultimate highlight of the event was talking to people, many who were about my age, who had already read my book. They shared their gratitude for how i had enlightened them about the power of journaling. One guy said that the moment he finished the book he purchased the Five Minute Journal (Intelligent Change) and had written in it for 2 weeks straight. He even brought his journal to show me. #InnovateandInspire

2018 Book Launch #2: Bend, OR

What an awesome trip I had for my book launch in Bend, Oregon March 12-19. I had the opportunity to meet with High Lakes ElementaryPonderosa Elementary SchoolBend Senior High SchoolSkjersaa's10 Barrel Brewing CompanyGroove YogaMt. Bachelor Rotary and the amazing people of Bend sharing some aloha and words of encouragement with the kids and community!

I felt the aloha spirit very warm and present everywhere I went in Bend. We were welcomed with so much aloha and hospitality everywhere we went from official engagements and book launches of Beneath the Surface to casual interactions surfing the River Wave in Bend's down town section of the Deschutes River. The stoke and friendships grew as we were totally immersed in nature at Mt Bachelor. One day was all snow angels (thanks, Kimberly Yap) and snowshoeing (mahalo Ed Shasek) and snowboarding with so many rad riders at Mt Bachelor!

Mahalo nui loa to everyone who we got to share good times with including Elder Sup, the Shasek 'ohana, the Kjellesvik 'ohana, Bend Youth Brigade Paddle TeamStand on LiquidOnboard Snowboarding Magazine 10 Barrel East Side and more!

Mahalo to all my supporters and sponsors for believing in me and my mission to Innovate and Inspire!
Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing Honolua Cobian Maui Jim Black Project SUP APP World Tour ECOXGEAR Redd Bar


The students at Ponderosa Elementary created this after my talk - #InnovateandInspire

Starboard Wins Gold at ISA World Championship in Fiji

ISA world champion 2017.jpg

Starboard Dream Team Riders made an impressive showing at the ISA World Championship in Fiji by winning 4 Gold Medals and 3 Silver Medals.

First up was Penelope (Pea) Strickland from New Zealand in the Women’s Technical Race at Cloudbreak.  Pea was an alternate who stepped in when Annabel Anderson took a leave of absence from the competition. Riding on her 2014 ACE, Pea was able to hold off team mate and Silver medalist Olivia Piana from France who also took Silver in the women’s long distance competion.

The second Gold Medal awarded in Fiji went to Starboard team rider Michael Booth from Australia in the men’s long distance race.  Michael has been dominating the distance racing scene all year and it is only fitting that he takes home the Gold.

The next Gold medal was earned by Shakira (Shak) Westdorp from Australia in the women’s SUP surf division.  Shak had been surfing great all week and was able to narrowly defeat team mate and defending 2015 World Champion Izzi Gomez who took home the Silver medal this year.

And last but not least, Zane Schweitzer (Maui), who won in 2016 was DM Master of the Ocean, NZ Ultimate Waterman and now Gold Medalist in the men’s SUP surf division.  Zane with his energetic and passionate attitude was able to narrowly defeat his Maui teammate Mo Freitas on the last second of the last wave of the competition.

Zane provides us with his Fiji recap below which is divided into 2 parts since he also filled in and competed in the men’s technical race as alternate for defending World Champion Connor Baxter.

ISA World Games Fiji Pro World Championships

Coming to Cloud Break for a competition, let alone a world championship is a dream come true!! Something so rad about this event in particular with the ISA is that we get to learn and grow with each other as a team of United Nations; it’s the one time that we get to call our sport a, “Team Sport”.. I’ve been looking forward to this event all year and training primarily for the SUP Surfing division  with hopes to become world champion and being home a gold medal back to Hawai’i and my ohana and community on Maui! 

We had a little bit of a crazy change of plans before leaving, as 2 of our top riders pulled a last minute drop out; Connor Baxter and Kai Bartlett. This was a huge bummer for us, especially with such short notice to try and replace them, just 3 weeks before the day we were supposed to leave! In Kai’s case, we were proud of him, because we had an awesome opportunity with his job as a Hawaiian Lifeguard, but in Connor’s case, he was simply tired and worn out and made the last minute decision to not follow through with his commitment to our team.. It’s understandable as he has worked so hard for the World Championship title he earned this year in the Waterman League for SUP Racing, but was a bummer because of the late notice.. Luckily, we found Kurt Lager to replace Kai Bartlett’s spot, but unfortunately for me, I had to take the weight that was ok Connor’s shoulders and handle the racing for Distance, Technical and the Sprint! I didn’t realize I’d be taking this responsibility for the team so I didn’t nearly have the training I would have liked to have coming into one of the most highly competitive racing competitions of the year! I’ve been spilt focussing on SUP Surfing and striving for excellence in the surf.. 

We got to fly together, stay together, prepare meals together, compete together and more importantly learn from one another all as a team. It was so refreshing to truly get to know our team more and connect with everyone so much.. Trips like this where groups are in tight quarters and doing everything together it’s easy to get bothered or annoyed, but there wasn’t a moment where any of us felt uncomfortable around each other, and that was a blessing!

The opening ceremony of the ISA is always a great moment of pride for the teams in the nations’ apparel and to introduce themselves to everyone else. Seeing all the nations and countries flying their flag proud and hearing all the cheers of the various teams in many languages is something special.. The community and team Conradery that is present at this event is insane, and it makes me feel so grateful to be apart of this and represent Hawai’i as a nation with our team!! On our team for the women we have Talia Decoit paddling the 17Km Distance SUP Race, Annie Reickert  paddling the Technical SUP, Team Relay SUP and 200 meter Sprint, Lara Claydon for SUP Surf, Leane Darling for Prone Distance race, Prone Technical and Team Relay. For the Men we have Kurt Lager paddling the Prone Technical race and Prone Distance race, Hunter Pflueger paddling the Prone Distance, Technical and team relay race, Mo Freitas for SUP Surf, Kai Lenny for Technical SUP race, Distance SUP, and Team relay SUP, and I myself competing in the SUP Surf, Distance SUP, Technical SUP and 200 meter Sprint! We have a solid team and we are hoping to bring another medal home overall as a team!

First competition to take place was the SUP Surf, and the condition were tiny, unlike the characteristics of what we were all imagining for the event at Cloud Break; one of the worlds most perfect, Mechanical, Hollow and long lefts! We were able to get through round one and some of two in both the men and women in the small surf and team Hawaii was looking strong. Lara Claydon was putting on a great performance and display of her skills and was impressing all of us including the judges! With the conditions being so minimal and they’re being a swell in the forecast before the end of the holding period, teammate and friend, Mo Freitas, and I came up with the idea to rally together athletes and the team managers from all the nations to file a protest against running the event with hopes that they would hold the rest of competition on the new swell at the end of the week after all the races. Fortunately, they took it into consideration and after two hours where they finished off some of the women heats, they decided to run the rest of the Sup surfing events on the new swell on the last day of the holding period! It was an awesome decision for Mo and I to rally the athletes together all on the same page and present this idea. In the end, we all signed up for a competition at Cloudbreak, and we were all eager to be in more solid conditions!!

ISA World Games Fiji Pro

Next up was the Technical Course racing for men and women taking place at Cloudbreak. The conditions were beautiful but choppy-flat, our team knew we would have to work a bit harder in conditions like this as opposed to surf race style or bump-and-glide conditions. The race was coordinated by Barrett Tessler and had a qualification format, meaning there were 1 or more rounds of heats that you had to finish top 4 in out of 8 to advance on to the final.. Annie finished in 12th place and we were all impressed with her abilities keeping up with some of the top women in the world and making it all the way into the final, at just 15 years old! Hunter, Kurt, Leane, Kai and I also made the finals of our divisions so we were able to rack some points off to a good start, although Kai’s performance of a silver medal finish was most definitely where we earned our point most!

In the Distance race we started from Cloudbreak and paddle 17 kilometers down to a nearby island named Malolo finishing at Musket Cove Island Resort! Unfortunately for the racers on our team, including myself, we had unfavorable conditions for us to excel more than others; it was flat, glassy, without a breath of wind and just to make it even tougher, it was up current and baking hot!! Kai ended up finishing in 6th, Talia in 12th, Hunter and Kurt somewhere in the top 10 and as well Leane with a great fight finishing in 8th I believe. It was a brutal race for all of us, especially in the flat water, but I personally was stoked because I beat the two guys I knew I needed to beat so I was proud! 

By this time after the distance races and the night before the sup surfing events, Matty, my brother and our team captain, got a call from Barrett Tessler with some bad news.. apparently I was disqualified for missing a buoy turn outside of Namotu Island! I took a right turn around the buoy when I was supposed to pass it on the left, this only gave me a disadvantage as it was more distance traveled then the other competitors, although in the rule book athletes are responsible for following the course and if not they are disqualified.. It didn’t state with or without an advantage to the other competitors, so we thought it might be over for me in that race.. Until Leane Darling motivated us to fight for this and protest as it was no advantage gained by me taking this turn by mistake, and if anything a disadvantage. We heard no news from the race committee that night so we thought there were low chances for this to be changed.. I was so disappointed, not just for my own mistake and result, but more so for feeling like I let down the team.. One of our team captains, Allen Pflueger, helped to lift my spirits and cheer me up though, and make sure to keep looking forward with my head in the game for the following day, the SUP Surfing event! After all, this is what I really came here for and what I’ve been working and training so hard for most the year!

We woke up early at 4:30am to howling winds rolling through our beach villa at Musket Cove Island Resort and with an expected solid swell to be present. The wind to me was only comfortable and a sign of a good omen as we get plenty of practice in the wind on Maui and with my wind knowledge from Windsurfing. On our way out on the boat to the outer island reefs of Tavaru, Mo spotted yet another good omen, two dolphins drafting our wake off the bow of our trimaran sailboat, we watched together in amazement and once again said confirmed to each other that today is our day to bring home a gold and a silver. I stretched and meditated with some mindful tapping the remainder of the boat ride and felt prepared, excited and grateful to meet this opportunity to potentially have yet another dream come true by the end of the day.. 

My first heat of the day set off the rhythm right, it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a single heat! Barrel after barrel I couldn’t help but find myself screaming out of the top of my lungs coming out the exit of a few and feeling blessed for a great start of the day; to me it was yet another good omen, he ho’ailona paha!.. I won that heat and advanced on through but leaned quite a bit from the scores I received and from

studying how the judges were scoring the other competitors; they were rewarding variety and turns more than deep, clean barrel rides..

My next two heats I actually tried to change my approach a bit and even my equipment in the semifinal as the waves were on the rise.. I barely squeaked by in these following two heats and decided I need to go back to my original choice of equipment and game plan; having fun and feeling the rhythm, and going back to riding my Starboard 2017 7’2″ Pro model which is what I am most used to, and as well which was allowing me to get more critical with my turns and have more explosive maneuvers, regardless of the increasing swell! 

In the Final I had some fun waves to start with but it wasn’t the scores I needed.. Throughout the majority of my final I was sitting in 3rd place and even in a combination situation by my teammate and competitor in the final, Mo Freitas.. A combo situation for yourself to take the lead is not what you want to hear with less than 8 minutes remaining in your heat, this means that you need not only one near excellent score but 2 near excellent scores to take the lead.. In the dying minutes of the heat I remember kicking out of a good wave and looking at my brother and team Manager, Matty and Kai Lenny in the channel, they were worried it was over for me, I looked back at them and shouted, “I can still do this!”..

That Wave took me out of a combo position, but I still needed a close to excellent scoring wave of 8.7 or greater to take the lead…. In a fierce paddle battle with my teammate and heat leader, Mo Freitas, as he was trying to defend his position, I was able to get straight back out to the line up and was determined and confident to get a perfect scoring wave… In the final seconds of the heat I fought for a wave that looked like it had the potential for a perfect score and was rewarded with a high 9 point ride!!! I remember riding my board onto the dry reef after ripping as many turns as I could after nice barrel off the takeoff, and sitting on the dry reef praying to god that this wave was enough!!!! If I would have had a second of doubt in myself, even with a combo situation in the last minutes, this wave which made the win happen would not have been possible!! – Be relentless in what you believe in!!! 

As a team the competition was not over yet! We still had the team relay races and the 200 meter Sprint. These were the last two divisions before the closing ceremony of the ISA World Games and before the team overall scores were added up! 

The team relay and Sprints took place at Denerau harbor and yacht club and we were all mentally and physically drained, not to mention completely fried from so many full days in the sun and off course the other competitions!! Although, I think we all knew we were actually less drained than all the other competitors; being in the sun and ocean all day everyday is our lifestyle and we were prepared for another day of action back to back!

 Our relay consisted of Hawaiian hammers Hunter Pflueger for men Prone, Annie Reickert for women SUP, Leane Darling for women Prone and Kai Lenny anchoring for men SUP! Our team was solid and everyone gave it their hearts and every last ounce of energy hey had. Little Annie really impressed us all with her speed and endurance staying in the top 5 just behind Candice Appleby. Although history was broken with by far the most exciting flat water SUP race all of us have ever witnessed during the last leg of the relay races when Kai Lenny went from 4th way back in the pack far behind top 3 to 1st, gaining an incredible amount of ground in such a short distance and time, smoking past the top three paddlers just 50 meters from the finish!! It was outstanding and gave us a all a huge confidence boost for our overall position and a chance to bring home a medal for the whole teams’ result!!

At the closing ceremony we Mo Freitas and I stood proudly on the podium for results of one of the most exciting SUP Surf events in history; Mo receiving a Silver medal and myself receiving my first ISA World Games Gold Medal and World Championship Title! We flew the flag and sang Hawai’i pono i proudly and had so much love and support from all athletes and crowd there for putting on an exciting show! 

The overall team results were clear for 1st with the Australians getting a well deserved win with many medals earned between their team, with France behind them in 2nd, New Zealand in 3rd and us, Team Hawai’i, in 4th taking home a copper medal!! 

Mahalo nui loa to all of our supporters and sponsors who made it possibly for us as a team to be here!! 


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Aloha and Mahalo,

See you on the water!!

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Innovate And Inspire

Aloha and Mahalo,

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Amazing Chumphon, Thailand with Zane Schweitzer

This article and video are from Starboard's website

See the video

Zane Schweitzer on his seventh trip to Starboard’s HQ in Thailand was invited to travel to the Southern islands with a group of Thai Stand Up Ambassadors with SUP boards. This is a recap of this incredible trip. #LiveTheTikiLife @starboardsup

Zane Schweitzer is the Ultimate Waterman again in 2017

This is from Starboard's website where my recaps and updates can be seen first

For the second year in a row, Maui’s Zane Schweitzer has been crowned The Ultimate Waterman, prevailing in a test of skill, strength and spirit that has seen eight athletes tackle eight disciplines in nine days, throughout the Southland region of New Zealand.

Needing to finish no worse than fourth in the final discipline, Schweitzer has done just that, coming in behind Jackson Maynard (AUS), Connor Baxter (HAW) and Chuck Glynn (USA) in the 16 kilometre waka ama (outrigger) paddle.

The result pushed Schweitzer to a total of 7250 points, beating Maynard by 340 points, with Caio Vaz (BRA) a further 155 back. Maynard vaulted from fourth to second with his victory in the outrigger, in what is his first appearance in the event.

For Schweitzer, it’s the culmination of hard work and knowledge passed down from his parents and grandparents. “I hope they are all so proud, because I’m proud and super grateful to keep on carrying the torch. I’m going to hold it humbly and proudly, and bring The Ultimate Waterman title back to Maui” Schweitzer enthused.

Schweitzer has no doubt he’ll be back in New Zealand next year and keep pushing himself. “As athletes, we want to always strive for excellence. It’s so important to learn from our past mistakes and past successes, and continue to be mindful, while we push ourselves to the max.”

It brings to a close an incredible week of action on, in and out of the water, as the Watermen and event organisers enjoyed incredible support and hospitality from everyone around the Southland region.
Through Red Bull TV’s coverage of The Ultimate Waterman, Southland’s, stunning coastline and majestic scenery has gone to a worldwide audience of more than one billion people.


The five episodes of Red Bull TV’s Ultimate Waterman series can be viewed at

The final points table is:

Zane Schweitzer              HAW            7250
Jackson Maynard           AUS              6910
Caio Vaz                         BRA              6755
Connor Baxter                 HAW            6623
Manoa Drollet                 PFY              6516
Daniel Kereopa               NZL              6408
Chuck Glynn                   USA              5528
Coco Nogales                 MEX             4860


Victory at Sea Conditions

Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer takes 3rd at Sunset.

The first stop of the Stand up World Tour has just completed in Sunset. Zane Schweitzer provides us with a recap where he found himself winning 3rd in the week long event.

Congratulations Zane! We look forward to the next event in the Dominican Republic.

From Zane:
The sunset beach pro this year kicked off in some victory at sea conditions! Truly testing us competitors and our equipment! I had a really fun event and had a great roll, winning every heat up until the final where I placed 3rd! It is always great to surf with the worlds best and be all together with friends from around the world!!! Stoked to start the year off in top 3 for the stand up world tour and even more excited to shoot for the gold at the next stop in Brazil!!! The Starboard 7’1″ x 24″ InZane Pro Model performed outstanding out in the rough and challenging waves! All throughout the entire event!
Thanks to my brother Matty for all of his help training, coaching and filming me! And congratulations to my little sister Shelby Schweitzer for killing it in the women’s world tour event, proving she is a threat in the waves!!

We just got back to Maui and I am packing up for the Masters of the Ocean event in Dominican Republic to compete in a water man event including surfing, standup paddling, windsurfing, and kite boarding!

ALOHA and See you on the water!
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer
You can find more info and pictures on the Stand Up World Tour here: