Japan: Nā Kama Kai Ocean Clinic

Japan Victoria CUP Stand Up World Series 5/14/16:

The day after the SUP Racing it was time for some fun with the kids at the Nā Kama Kai Ocean clinic, sharing our time and knowledge educating them on how to safely practice ocean sports, while passing on the values of respecting our ocean, beaches and each other!

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We had over 50 Japanese kids from the community join and all kind of fun workshops planned for them from Canoe paddle, surfing, Stand up paddle, swimming and basic ocean safety/awareness workshops. The kids all were loving the action and there was nothing but ear to ear smiles and laughs in the air between the kids and all the volunteers on the beach and in the water. Mahalo nui loa Nā Kama Kai, Duane Desoto, Yu San and The Waterman League for giving us the opportunity to share some aloha and good times with the kids here for the 3rd annual Nā Kama Kai Japan event! It was great to see some familiar faces and a handful of kids from the previous years. There's no doubt some great watermen and paddlers will come out of Zushi from these groups!