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Giving as many clinics per year, no matter where in the world I am, is satisfying and serves to connect our youngest generation to the Ocean. Kids love schwag! My sponsors generously provide so many items for the participants but we are always looking for generous people who love the ocean to give us a helping hand.  ECO-friendly sunscreen from Avasol (use the discount code Zaniac20 for 20% off) and re-usable water bottles from Honolua Surf Company are examples. If you want to help us provide healthy snacks and other important things to the kids, please CONTACT me.  

What are our SUPer Grom Clinics like?  (SEE the VIDEO below for the BIG STORY - or on YouTUBEThis is a reprint of an excellent article posted on April 8, 2016 by SUP Magazine

As a surfer watching this clip, you’re probably thinking back to that golden era when you were green enough to enjoy any ripple and small enough that said ripple felt like Pipeline. It’s the type of clip that strokes the heartstrings of any surfing parent, sibling or child, and influences the rest to give surfing a try. We see here pro waterman Zane Schweitzer taking four groms tandem on the ride of their lives. We’re well acquainted with Zane the competitor, but we haven’t spent a ton of time with Zane the community icon. We caught up with his older brother Matty, talented filmer and certified drone pilot, to ask him about Zane’s community outreach and the story behind the shot. —MM Be sure to click for the full article and a video that bring a smile to your face.

MS: Zane had just arrived back to Maui for just a few days and decided last minute to host an event the following day right in front of our home at Launiupoko beach park. A few Facebook posts later and a few phone calls and we were set! That day we were shocked by the turn out with such short notice. Luckily it’s right in front of our home so we have no shortage of Starboards! We had over 30 local kids come out to surf, eat lunch and learn some valuable tips on ocean safety, beach clean ups and the value of ocean knowledge.

Zane puts his heart and soul into these clinics and it really shows! He is up early organizing, talking to all the parents to ensure their kids are in safe hands and spends all day in the water helping everyone from first timers to kids currently competing. This clip shows Zane deep in his element sharing the love of surfing with a bunch of local Keiki from Maui. On days like this Zane has kids crawling all over him both on the beach and in the water and he loves it! We are currently planning our next “InZane SUPer Groms” event this Saturday again in Lahaina, right in front of our home at Launiupoko beach park!

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Photo Credit  SUPtheMag  SUP Magazine

Photo Credit SUPtheMag SUP Magazine

InZane SUPer Grom Clinic - Maui 2017

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Aloha and Welcome to InZane SUPer Grom's!!
Zane Schweitzer & Ohana are always giving back to communities all around the world especially right at home on Maui! This clinic turned out to be a very special day as Zane brought the Keiki out to see some whales and ended up having a lifetime experience paddling with Humpback Whales! 
WATCH THE VIDEO - Filmed & edited by Matty Schweitzer at Mat5o Media

The clinic had a great turnout and we saw a lot of new faces with everyone  smiling from ear to ear! Check out this video and see who came to visit us in the water and turned our day into a memory of a lifetime! Mahalo Nui Loa to all the Parents and supporters who came down and brought Keiki!
Also big thanks to Honolua Surf Co. & Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing for all the goodies and gear!


Lots of smiles on and off the water! Doing pono work on Maui

Lots of smiles on and off the water! Doing pono work on Maui

Japan: Nā Kama Kai Ocean Clinic

Japan Victoria CUP Stand Up World Series 5/14/16:

The day after the SUP Racing it was time for some fun with the kids at the Nā Kama Kai Ocean clinic, sharing our time and knowledge educating them on how to safely practice ocean sports, while passing on the values of respecting our ocean, beaches and each other!

Watch the video here - CLICK and FOLLOW

We had over 50 Japanese kids from the community join and all kind of fun workshops planned for them from Canoe paddle, surfing, Stand up paddle, swimming and basic ocean safety/awareness workshops. The kids all were loving the action and there was nothing but ear to ear smiles and laughs in the air between the kids and all the volunteers on the beach and in the water. Mahalo nui loa Nā Kama Kai, Duane Desoto, Yu San and The Waterman League for giving us the opportunity to share some aloha and good times with the kids here for the 3rd annual Nā Kama Kai Japan event! It was great to see some familiar faces and a handful of kids from the previous years. There's no doubt some great watermen and paddlers will come out of Zushi from these groups!