Zane has been a waterman since birth. When he’s not surfing, Zane might be gliding through the wind kitesurfing or windsurfing, fishing with his father, diving, or training by paddling, swimming or body surfing. Zane is also an avid Dirt Bike Racer and loves spending time flying through the Mountains with his Dad and his brother, Matty. 

Zane has been fortunate enough to travel and compete all around the world. At the early age of only 11 years old, Zane was already competing internationally and hasn’t stopped since. He has been around the globe quite a few times by now and always has fun doing the multitude of sports that he loves every where he goes. 

In 2015, Zane's focus on his goals became more refined. While still holding his reputation of being a true entertainer and all around personality, Zane became 100% focused on achieving his dreams of being known as a waterman and world champ. He spent just as much time having fun, giving back to his community, being active in Standup for the CURE and hosting InZane SUPer Grom clinics - but somehow made the time to start training, REALLY training. Zane is only now starting to scratch the surface of what he aims to conquer.

Zane finished 2015 just missing out on the title of the Stand Up World Champion in SUP surfing, taking a respectiable 2nd place in the World. But that did not satisfy Zane, it fired him up and made him train even harder for 2016. At only a few months into the year, Zane has already had the best year of his career securing his 3rd consecutive Overall World Championship win at the "Master of the Ocean" event and just weeks later taking the overall win at RedBull's prestigious "Ultimate Waterman" Event. Between these two events, (competing in Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Racing, OC1 Canoe, Longboard surfing, Prone Paddle boarding & swimming) Zane is now considered the best Waterman in the World! His grandparents invented the sport of Windsurfing, his parents were both world champions & Zane is now the 3rd generation Waterman pioneering his own path!

However, what Zane is most respected and loved for is his philanthropic work he does world wide. Zane’s greatest personal achievements have not been his competition results or world ranking stats... Zane cares deeply for the wellbeing of others and the preservation of our planet. In 2012 Zane and his family co-founded “Stand Up for the Cure”; a Stand Up Paddle Event that has raised over $650,000 for uninsured cancer patients in the past 5 years alone. He founded his own “InZane SUPer Groms”; where he teaches children at home and around the world how to surf and share Aloha while taking care of each other and our oceans. He is a Global Ambassador for multiple organizations such as Mighty Under Dogs, Access Surf, Thera Surf, Surfer’s Healing, One Ocean, and more...

Recently, Zane has taken on the role of a motivational speaker at School’s here in Hawai’i and across the U.S, sharing his inspirational message of Innovate & Inspire by Sharing Aloha Around the World. Teaching the next generation the importance of following their dreams by finding what is important to them and then sharing it with others. Living a healthy and active lifestyle while learning our responsibility of taking care of our planet by making it a better place for all. Zane lives this daily.

He is also thrilled to once again be supported by his loyal sponsors for 2016 (some of them have been his sponsors for over 10 years!): Starboard, Vitargo, Cobian, Honolua Surf Co and Maui Jim Sunglasses. Without every one of them, he would not have been able to accomplish what he has. Zane’s gratitude is unrivaled, and as he travels, he is always promoting all his sponsors to every one he meets. Zane is looking forward to more outstanding achievements, and knows this winter and next years competitive season is going to be BIG!